World Mental Health Day

This year has been tough. We talked to our dance fam about how they’ve looked after their mental health during lockdown. Here’s what some of them have shared:

Anagha: Waking up every morning & thinking of all that I was still blessed to have, what other people have lost, has kept me going. I’ve started long walks, being consciously aware of nature & thinking good thoughts.
Shivi: As a single mum of one kid, lockdown was a roller coaster. My main strategy was not to be too harsh on myself. It’s okay to have some lazy days. Plus taking a day or two away from social media was great. It can be stressful seeing people doing so many different things & to start comparing. Plus I don’t hold my emotions inside; I make sure I reach out to family & friends when I need to.
Ben: I go for a long walk every day. I also started learning a musical instrument, the clarinet, to make use of the extra time at home.
Dharsh: Online dance classes, meditation & zoom chats. But Stan & Netflix have been my best friends.
Kat: Being an introvert, I haven’t found the lockdown to be so bad. However, I struggled with the stress of a very busy job and 2 kids at home. I find movement & exercise extremely beneficial for mental wellbeing. A friend & I also do regular online mehndi dates – we drink tea & do mehndi on ourselves while we chat. I’ve also enrolled in an online Trauma Sensitive Yoga course & I’ve started learning Hindi.
Magda: Jogging whilst listening to music or podcasts always makes me feel better, even if I’ve had to force myself in the first place. I’ve also enjoyed walks with my husband & with friends who live nearby – which gives me much needed social interaction. Online classes including yoga & Studio J classes have also been great not only for the physical benefits but also to have a sense of community & for the opportunity to have a laugh with others.
Divya: I wouldn’t say I managed lockdown very well, it’s been tough, though a couple of things that helped me are a gratitude journal & staying creative.
Jaya: Having a pet (Cookie!!) has been a godsend during lockdown. He’s such a stress buster & provides an endless supply of doggy love.

By Joshinder Chaggar
10 October 2020