Studio J Wellness

Welcome to Studio J Wellness!

The past year has shown us what an incredible community of people we have. Your love and generosity have been everything that we’ve needed to keep us going. We have been so moved by your passion to keep dancing, and by your support to our teachers.

So we’re giving back! Recognizing that this is a crazy anxious time for a lot of people, we are running a range of wellness services designed to uplift & motivate – all of them entirely FREE!

Laughter Class

Introducing a free Laughter therapy class, every Wednesday morning at 10am with Josh. Laughter is the best medicine, and there couldn’t be a time when we needed it more. This class is designed specifically for NOW, to help ease our collective anxiety. A 30-minute class that combines breathing exercises, laughter therapy and meditation. Bonus – It’s a lot of fun!!!

What’s laughter therapy?

Laughter itself is therapeutic. In this class we take it one step further and use it as a method to release deep emotions and stress. And if you’re ready for a challenge, you might just laugh yourself into stillness. Which will take us into the final segment for the class – a five-minute meditation.

Josh has been conducting laughter dance classes at Laneway Learning in Melbourne since 2018. She also taught ‘Movement for Actors’ at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) in Karachi for 5 years, the main objective being to release inhibitions and accessing freedom in the body.

We will stream this class LIVE across all our social media platforms – YouTube every Wednesday 10am (AEST). Simple follow or subscribe to our YouTube channel and check in at that time to start participating (or contact us and we’ll add you to our email list).⁣

Studio Joy

We’re spreading the joy of Bollywood dance with our inclusive FREE Bollywood dance class catering to individuals of all ages & abilities. Bollywood dance is wonderful for adding color, joy and movement to anyone’s life. We have selected movements that are specific to Indian dance but also have multiple other health benefits. You can participate either sitting or standing. Joshinder has vast experience teaching dance to the senior community, plus Jaya is a qualified AHPRA registered physiotherapist. Together, they are equipped with the knowledge of leading a fun and joyful class specifically catered to the elderly or those with physical restrictions.

This FREE 30-minute online activity is suitable for the elderly, individuals with physical disability, those living in assisted living centres/nursing homes, and anyone old in body but young at heart! How to access this class? Simply send us an email (, or subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here. Then visit our channel when we GO LIVE direct from our dance studio, every Wednesday morning at 11am (AEST). Or simply contact us and we’ll add you to our email list! You only need access to the internet and a device for watching the class online (can be cast to TV).

Beyond Studio J

Each month we interview a special guest from our community of dancers, teachers, students and extended dance family. Everyone has a story of struggle, even the ones who seem to have it all. Some have found the strength to go beyond their story. How did they find the courage? What practices have they put in place? How do they access joy on a daily basis? There is great power in sharing our stories. An uplifting 30-minute live session, facilitated and interviewed by Joshinder, our blogger, writer & master story-teller! Sessions will stream via on our YouTube channel – follow our socials for updates on the next ‘Beyond Studio J’ session! Click here to view all our previous episodes!.


Time Program Teacher
10:00am Laughter Therapy (30 minutes) Joshinder Subscribe
11:00am Studio Joy – inclusive Bollywood Dance (30 minutes) Jaya & Josh Subscribe
2:00pm Beyond Studio J (30 minutes) *monthly Joshinder Subscribe

For more information about any of the above services, please please email or call Jaya on 0431 757 828.