The ‘Thumka’ effect

‘The women who break down barriers, are the ones who ignore limits.’

Recently, while introducing a beginner class to the magic of the ‘Thumka’, (my all-time favourite Bollywood move – the hip shake), I stumbled upon a shocking social conditioning. This is what my students had to say:

“All my life I’ve been told NOT to move my hips. It’s slutty!”
“I’ve been told to stand straight, walk straight, NO gait!”
“I didn’t even know there was SO much movement possible in the hips.”
“Are you sure that it’s okay to swing my hips THAT much???”

Yes, it is totally okay to swing, sway, walk with a gait, thrust the pelvis, roll the hips and stick the chest out. It is okay to celebrate your body, embrace your femininity and allow yourself to be sexy.

From learning the ‘Thumka’ to breaking down barriers…just a regular Bollywood dance class!

Joshinder Chaggar
18 February 2019