Supporting local artists

Studio J Founder & Director, Jaya Karan, recently opened up about the pressures of running a small business in the arts world. The messages of support were incredible and deeply appreciated. There were many who shared similar stories of their own and we decided to give back a little something of our own. We offered free use of our studio to any artist needing a little help and we’re excited to announce the first artist – Andi Snelling!

Andi is a performer and theatre-maker who will be taking up residency at Studio J Dance this coming summer. Andi has been dealing with chronic Lyme disease these past few years which has drastically affected her ability to function and changed the way she makes her art. We are delighted to be supporting her new solo show development process, which will explore themes of invisible struggle, mortality and luck through a blend of clowning and contemporary dance.”

You can check out Andi and some of her previous work here:


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