Maret – Our Bollywood Superstar

Everyone knows that we love sharing our student journeys, and we’re certainly not going to let a virus change that. Social-distancing and isolation – but still connecting, sharing stories and celebrating life. Today we’re featuring our beautiful Bollywood Seniors student, Maret, in her Bollywood style music video!

Maret (71 yrs) watched the film ‘Marigold Hotel’ and soon after landed in the Bollywood seniors dance class.

“I love Judi Dench, and she was on TV, where at the end there was a Bollywood dance. And she got up and joined them. Judi Dench is 12 years older than me! But she doesn’t act like an old person. In-fact she is quite indignant about being called old!

So I called up my sister Karin (69 yrs), and said to her ‘How would you feel about doing some Bollywood dancing?’ And Karin said, ‘Wonderful!’

Karin promptly found the seniors class at Studio J. “To be honest, I didn’t think something like this actually existed for older people. It is the best thing that I have ever enrolled into, in my life. I have never met a nicer, kinder group of people. It is so uplifting, and the music is so happy that you can’t help but move along. And I love the finger movements. A fluttering peacock is so wonderful!

And though it is strange at the moment to be dancing alone at home, I am glad that we are continuing with the classes online. Even more so now, during this corona virus time, everyone has been so lovely and so supportive of one another”.

Move over Judi Dench – there’s a new star in town 🙂

By Joshinder Chaggar
17 April 2020