Make Dance Not War

The delicious diversity of multicultural Melbourne has organically shaped many of our fusion classes. One of our most popular classes, Bolly-Heels, is a classic example of East meets West.

Here’s a glimpse at what brings some of our non-Indian students to Studio J:

Helen – Australian
“Years ago I watched a Bollywood movie on SBS and I fell head over heels in love with the music. I even have ‘Bollywood Top 50’ on my Spotify!”

Hella – Egyptian
“I enrolled in Mohiniyattam (classical dance) because I wanted to improve my balance. I love how this style makes me aware of muscles that I don’t usually pay attention to. I find the classes oddly soothing.”

Dana – Australian of Lithuanian & Czech heritage
“I did Lithuanian folk dancing growing up (from the age of 4). One of the similarities between this style & Bollywood is the storytelling component and that is what I love most in dance. Plus both styles have skirts that twirl, which is very satisfying!”

Emma – Australian of Irish & English heritage
“As a child I lived in Singapore & Malaysia and was surrounded by dance from other cultures. I’ve always loved the beat & energy of Bollywood music.”

Claire – Chinese
“I love how physical Bhangra (folk dance) is! Due to my busy schedule, I was going to discontinue. But my boyfriend said  – But you are always so happy after your dance class!  – And so I’m still here.”

Dance – simply the best way to understand each other better 🙂

Joshinder Chaggar
7 March 2019