Kanika’s story

In October 2018, Kanika moved to Melbourne from Sydney to get away from a broken heart. In her own words, she was “reserved, unhappy and refused to try anything new”. She never danced at weddings or parties, even though her siblings and cousins loved to rock the dance floor. She just didn’t have the confidence. Her favourite phrase was, “No, it can’t be.”

Then a month later, during Diwali season, Sapphire Dance performed at her workplace and got her up to participate in the Bollywood dance workshop. For Kanika, this moment was nothing short of a divine intervention. In January 2019, she took her first dance class at Studio J.

Fast forward to November 2019, Kanika has transformed into a dance and people lover. She has explored Bhangra, Bolly-Bhangra, Bolly-Heels, Bolly-Fit and even Kandyan!

“I feel very active and energetic. Now everything is a big “YES!” for me. I feel this positivity blooming inside me and in return, I keep meeting positive people. I feel so much love for everyone, and my friendship circle keeps growing and expanding. When my sister-in-law watched my dance videos and saw the impact it has had on my life, she enrolled her 7 year old son into a Bollywood dance class; it’s a really great feeling.

My relationships at work have also changed. My colleagues value my point of view more and are always asking for my opinion on things. Actually what I have discovered is myself, my own love of life that I was unaware of till now.

Studio J was my best decision. Dance has filled me with happiness and I am spreading this happiness everywhere.”

Interviewed by Joshinder Chaggar
9 December 2019