Dance + Travel = Tolerance

Lately we’ve had an influx of students who joined because they are planning their first ever trip to India.

‘Dance is such a great introduction to another culture’, said Theresa, who joined Studio J in preparation for her trip to India this year. “It’s like learning a foreign language.”

Another student, Jess, recently returned to Melbourne from a holiday in India. “When you travel to a country, you get to experience the culture in such a deep way. I wanted to maintain that connection when I returned.” And so she promptly joined our Bollywood dance class!

Similarly, Athena & Chloe joined Studio J before heading off to India this month. What they discovered in class has added to their enthusiasm for their trip. And Karen, 68, our recent addition to the Bollywood 50 Plus class, is planning to go to India for her 70th birthday in 2021!

Dance is such a joyful way to get acquainted with each other. And a wonderful side effect of this exchange is increased understanding and tolerance for other cultures. Amen to that!

Joshinder Chaggar
14 November 2019