Dance & Conversations

“I was so focused on fixing things in my dance that the love wasn’t present.”

It always surprises me what one conversation can reveal. Sitting with our guest teacher, Emily, on a Tuesday evening, I mentioned that I’m in awe of how her dancing has transformed and blossomed over the last year. How did it happen? Her answer surprised me and also really hit a spot. Read on to find out!

It was my mindset that changed. I had been in a dark place for a long time. My inner critic used to severely affect my dancing. I was always caught up in comparing myself to others, rather than putting my own flavour into things. I was so focused on fixing things in my dance that the love wasn’t present. And that was the missing link, the spark that actually connects to an audience.

And then one day I realized that nothing was going to change unless I changed something within myself. I started taking little steps to getting my power back, beginning with self-love. If I had a negative thought, I would short circuit it before it spiraled out of control. For example, if I didn’t perform well at an audition, I would step back and reason it out in my head. ‘Perhaps the other girls had trained longer in that particular dance style!’ Basically, I started to give myself a break.

Now I ensure that I get enough sleep and rest instead of working all the time. I also meditate daily and use affirmations like, I am enough, and positive self-talk with myself throughout the day. It has become a habit and that negative little voice isn’t inside my head anymore. I can actually just enjoy dance, be present, and dance for the love of it.

So that’s the difference that you have noticed 🙂

By Joshinder Chaggar
20 July 2020