Dance Classes Melbourne: Explore a World of Classical and Contemporary Indian Dances

Classical and contemporary Indian dances continues to fascinate the world since its inception. If you are in Melbourne and want to experience a new world of dance, Studio J is the perfect place to start. While you can learn unique and specialised dance styles from around the world, our dance studio pays particular attention to classical and modern Indian dances, taught by professional dancers.

Whether you are just a beginner or have previous experience our dance classes Melbourne are perfectly suitable for any level. Kathak modern semi-classical dance workshop introduces students to the basics of Kathak movement set against Bollywood music. At Studio J we ensure that you have a solid foundation of this Indian classical dance through graceful and intricate choreography. In this 8 week course you can expect both recent and classical Bollywood music.

Wish to progress your previous Bharatanatyam experience? At Studio J, the innovative and weekly 8-week course is structured to progress your learning whilst remaining engaging for students. Here, teaching is carefully tailored based on the requirement and the level of expertise of each student. As well as incorporating innovative teaching methods, classes ensure that students develop a deep connectivity with one of the oldest Indian dance forms.

Students are taught complex movement patterns, abhinaya, mudras and knowledge of the Bharatanatyam style. Classes cater for different levels of past exposure to Bharatanatyam and learning is tailored according to the interest and experience of each student. Each term concludes with students working with a live musician to help them further their understanding and affection for Bharatanatyam.

Introduce yourself to Mohiniyattam, an Indian classical dance style originating from Kerala, India. “Mohiniyattam” literally means “the dance of the enchantress” and is known for its hypnotic grace. It is characterised by its curvaceous torso bends, gently rhythmic footwork, and fluid arm movements. Students learn how to absorb the powerful grace and hypnotic charisma of the enchantress, how to use face and hand gestures to communicate eloquently, and how to deeply connect with space and audiences using their eyes.

Studio J is located in inner city Melbourne (Richmond). It offers world-class professional dancers who teach with passion, love and care to inspire students to explore the world of classical and modern Indian dance.  

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