Dance Classes, Deep Conversations

Dance classes lead to deep conversations! We love this little insight shared by a student recently.

Divya, 23, quit her finance job in India and is currently in Melbourne visiting her sister, wondering what to do with her life. She was feeling lost, thinking about career and future, when she suddenly had a lightbulb moment (no Bolly-pun intended!).

“While studying finance, I was part of an events group in Uni and I often got told that I have a natural gift for event management. And later, when I started working in finance, my friends used to jokingly call me the department’s HR person. The answer was there all along.”

So she has since decided to shift careers and study HR & event management. Even though it was unknown to her at the time, the people around her could see her natural talents shine.

Moral of the story? No matter what you are doing, your natural instincts and passions are always lurking quietly, waiting for you to take notice. Move in alignment with your true calling, and you’ll change your world.

Joshinder Chaggar
20 September 2019