Odissi Beginner

Get a glimpse in the beautiful artform of Odissi – one of the 8 classical dance forms of India. Our adult beginner course is appropriate for absolute beginners and also those with some prior classical dance experience.

Dates: To be confirmed. Please click here to register your interest!
Time: Sundays 11am (1 hour class)
Teacher: Sonya Joshi
Price: $269



  • Odissi is one of the oldest forms of classical dance in India, tracing its origins to Natya Shastra, the sacred Sanskrit text on performing arts
  • Odissi dance form can be broken down to the movement of the head, bust and torso and the accompanying gestures and expressions. This sublime medley of movements connect the human spirit with the divine soul
  • Learn the foundations of Odissi including: Namaskar, Odissi footwork of Chowka and Tribhangi as well as Hand Mudras (hand gestures)
  • Learn various Arasa (step sequences) which are the foundation of Odissi
  • Develop both a theoretical and practical understanding of Odissi dance
  • Learn in a supportive and encouraging environment, geared towards adult learning
  • Meet a friendly group of like-minded adult beginner students
  • Get weekly practice videos & audio to support your learning outside of class
  • Have access to a private group chat (via WhatsApp), to encourage communication with other students and your teacher


Teacher – Sonya Joshi

Sonya started her Odissi training as a teenager with her guru, Dr. Sam Goraya, in Melbourne. In her training, she acquired a thorough understanding of Odissi through her Guru’s structure and methodical approaches. He focused on her Purush Ang (pure consciousness) to achieve the correct posture, grace, power and strength. In 2018 Sonya had the pleasure of learning from Padma Shri Madhavi Mudgal, one of the leading classical dancers of India. Since then Sonya has performed at various shows across Melbourne. She continues to train weekly with her guru, Dr Goraya.