Kathak Technique for Beginners – Showcase 2024!

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Wanted to learn Indian classical dance but never had the chance before? Now you can, with this Kathak class designed specifically for adults. Perfect for absolute beginners or anyone looking to brush up on their existing Kathak technique. This course will be part of Studio J’s annual stage show – join us on stage and live out your dance dreams!

Dates: 17 July – 8 September 2024
Song: Kanya
Time: Wednesdays 6pm (1 hour class)
Teacher: Ida
Course Fee: $299 + $50 showcase participation
Showcase date: Sunday 8 Sept @ Bunjil Place Theatre

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  • This course is part of Studio J’s annual stage show. Join us on stage and live out your dance dreams with a crowd cheering you on!!
  • Showcase performance piece is ‘Kanya’ (by Niraj Chag): Pure classical foundational kathak movements sharing the great artistry of the form as movement evolve and emerge from the various permutations and combinations of 11 core hand gestures.
  • Learn the foundations of kathak including: Namaskar, Footwork (Tatkaar), Hand movements (Hastak), Spins (Chakkars), Hasta mudras (hand gestures) and Padhant (Ekgun, Dugun, Chaugun).
  • Commence developing a foundation repertoire in Teen Taal including: Thaat, Aamad, Tukras, Todas, Tihaai, Paran, Parmelu, paltas.
    Note: if you have been attending these classes already, then the teacher will encourage you to continue practicing pieces learnt in previous terms and showcase at the end of class to continue building your knowledge. Each term will introduce some new pieces which will be practiced in further terms and eventually cumulate into the foundational repertoire of pieces in Teentaal.
  • Develop both a theoretical and practical understanding of kathak dance with learnings of the Natya Kramaha and Anga Suddhi.
  • Learn various aspects of abhinaya (expressions) in Kathak.
  • Learn in a supportive and encouraging environment, geared towards adult learning.
  • Learn from one of Australia’s top Kathak choreographer, dancer and teacher, with over 20 years Kathak training.
  • Get weekly practice videos & audio to support your learning outside of class.
  • Have access to a private group chat (via WhatsApp), to encourage communication with other students and your teacher.
  • Showcase will be on Sunday 8 September at Bunjil Place Theatre, Narre Warren. Dress rehearsal from approx 11am onwards, with performance 6 – 8pm. Students MUST keep this whole day available until exact timings are confirmed.
    *Regular attendance throughout this course is required in order to participate in the final stage performance (at least 75% of the classes, e.g. at least 6 sessions must be attended). If you miss several sessions, participation in showcase will be at the teachers’ discretion. Please consider this commitment prior to enrolling.


*Additional note from teacher:
My classes focus on technique, form and excellent execution. I had the rare privilege of learning from a guru who was in his younger years and therefore he could demonstrate what advanced level dancing actually looks like. It is through his guidance that have I been able to focus on my form, alongside developing my theoretical knowledge. It is this very ethos I bring to my classes, to be able to model and represent what the kathak dance embodies through consistent demonstrations, individual and collective feedback, and to ensure that when you learn, you learn it right.

Furthermore, my classes are tailored to adults. While there are fears associated with starting classical dance as an adult, there are excellent benefits too. As an adult, you have the cognitive capacity to learn and develop your art at a much faster pace and this is the unique angle I bring. I teach you at a pace that is tailored to the adult learning capacity, which often might be missed through traditionalist approaches.

When it comes to class levels, my only answer is practice, discipline and commitment. Classical dance has taught me the value of consistency and it is only through being consistent have I been able to grow as a dancer. It is when we surrender our ego, receive the teachings, and honour the path that we can truly immerse ourselves in classical dance. Don’t worry about being in a level for longer than others, or feeling like you’re not progressing- continue coming to class term after term, do your riyaas, and when you’re ready I’ll be the first to tell you that you can level up. It takes time but it is worth the wait.

See you in class or online, with ghungroos on 😉


Teacher –Ida Ghatge

With over 20 years of dance experience, Ida is a Kathak dancer who trained under guru Shri. Harish Gangani. Ida started her Kathak training at age 5 and has trained across all three gharanas (styles) of Kathak – Lucknow, Jaipur and Banaras. She was one of the youngest to complete her diploma in Kathak and went on to pursue her bachelor degree in the dance form. She also attended the Terence Lewis Dance Academy in Mumbai, and later moved to Melbourne to pursue her education in psychology. An experienced performer, Ida has graced the stage across India, Europe and Australia.