Kathak Technique for Beginners

$240.00 Inc.GST

Always wanted to learn Kathak but thought that it must be learnt during childhood? WRONG! Dance is for any age, at any age. Start your classical dance training with our Kathak class designed specifically for adult beginners.

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8 weeks: 13 July – 31 August 2022
Time: Wednesdays 8.10pm (1 hour class)
Teacher: Ida
Price: $240

Spots Available: 13




In this course, you will:

  • Learn the foundations of Kathak technique including rhythmic footwork, spins (chakkars) and hand gestures
  • Develop an understanding of Kathak theory and how to recite Kathak beats (‘Bol’)
  • Learn a new classical dance item and gradually build your Kathak repertoire.
  • Learn in a supportive and encouraging environment, geared towards adult learning.
  • Learn from Australia’s top Kathak choreographer, dancer and teacher, with over 18 years Kathak training
  • Get weekly practice videos to support your learning outside of class
  • Have access to a private group chat (via WhatsApp), to encourage communication with other students and your teacher


Teacher –Ida Ghatge

With over 18 years of dance experience, Ida is a Kathak dancer who trained under guru Shri. Harish Gangani. Ida started her Kathak training at age 5 and has trained across all three gharanas (styles) of Kathak – Lucknow, Jaipur and Banaras. She was one of the youngest to complete her diploma in Kathak and went on to complete her bachelor degree in the dance form. She also attended the Terence Lewis Dance Academy in Mumbai, and later moved to Melbourne where she completed her Honours in Psychology at Melbourne Uni. An experienced performer, Ida has graced the stage across India, Europe and Australia.