Bolly-Natyam Online

$99.00 Inc.GST

A semi-classical fusion class which combines Indian classical (Bharatanatyam) and Bollywood dance. Explore some of the technical aspects of Bharatanatyam in a fun yet challenging context! Bolly-Natyam is an intermediate level course. A basic understanding of Indian classical dance is strongly recommended.

Next Online Course
5 weeks: 7 August – 4 September 2023
Time: Mondays 6pm (1 hour class) AEST
Teacher: Jaya Karan
Price: $99 (AUD)




In this online course, you will:

  • Learn and revise the foundations of Bharatanatyam hand gestures and footwork
  • Gradually learn a complete semi-classical fusion routine
  • Get a great stamina and strength workout
  • Easily access your class in REAL-TIME via Zoom. Ask the teacher questions during the class and get feedback on your progress!
  • If the time of the class is not convenient, don’t worry – classes can be re-played for the entire course. Learn at your own pace – rewind, re-play and pause whenever you like!
  • Learn from Studio J founder – Jaya. Melbourne’s top Bollywood choreographer, dancer and teacher with over 10 years Bharatanatyam training
  • Get weekly practice videos to support your learning outside of class
  • Have access to a private WhatsApp group, to encourage communication with other students and your teacher


Teacher – Jaya Karan

A dancer-entrepreneur at heart, Jaya has been the driving force behind both companies success. Jaya was a corporate Physiotherapist in her previous career, but she knew this wasn’t her true purpose. She started dancing as a hobby in her early 20’s, and eventually decided to learn Bharatanatyam at the age of 32. Since then, Jaya has gone on to choreograph, teach, perform and work with some of the best in Australia’s dance community. She has retired from corporate life and now works as a full-time dancer and studio owner. Having personally experienced how dance can create positive change, Jaya feels strongly about encouraging others to dance at any age. Read more about Jaya in our full interview here.