Intro to Bharatanatyam Online

$99.00 Inc.GST

Wanted to learn Indian classical dance but never had the chance before? Now you can, with our adult beginner course! Experience the basics and see whether you are ready to engage with this intricate artform at a deeper level. Perfect for absolute beginners, those with some childhood experience, or anyone with less than 2 years recent training.

Next Online Course
8 weeks: 15 May – 3 July 2022
*NO CLASS 12 June* (7 classes over 8 weeks)
Time: Sundays 11.30am (1 hour class) AEST
Teacher: Divya
Price: $99 (AUD)




In this ONLINE course, you will:

  • Get an insight into the physical effort, dedication and discipline required to learn Bharatanatyam. Our adult beginner level classes give you the opportunity to experience the artform and decide for yourself if you are ready to learn and engage with this dance form at a deeper level.
  • Learn via a non-traditional approach, with a teaching format designed to make Bharatanatyam more relevant & engaging for adults.
  • Learn the basic mudras (hand gestures) and Bharatanatyam footwork through a simple dance sequence.
  • Learn various step sequences (adavus) which are the foundation of Bharatanatyam.
  • Work on your fitness, strength and flexibility
  • Easily access your class in REAL-TIME via Zoom. Ask the teacher questions during the class and get feedback on your progress*
  • The classes are recorded, and can be re-played for the duration of the course. Learn at your own pace – rewind, re-play and pause whenever you like!
  • Be taught by the best in the industry, a professional Bharatanatyam dancer & teacher
  • Get weekly practice videos to support your learning outside of class time
  • Have access to a private WhatsApp group, to encourage communication with other students and your teacher
  • *Classical Indian dance is best learnt in-studio. Online classes are convenient and accessible, however for optimal learning & progress we encourage you to enrol in-studio if possible.


Teacher – Divya Shreejit Kumar

Divya Shreejit Kumar is a Bharatanatyam artist with an active practice in performance, teaching and choreography. Learning from the age of five, she completed her Master Diploma in Bharatanatyam under Smt. Priya Dinesan. Her 25 years of classical dance practise includes a brief stint at Mohiniyattam. In Melbourne she joined Karma Dance and resumed her training with Govind Pillai – presenting her solo graduation performance in 2017. Since then, she has progressed her training in interrelated aspects of the art including rhythm, notation, composition and choreography. Read more about Divya here!