Belly-Bolly Intermediate – Showcase 2024!

$375.00 Inc.GST

This course is designed for students who already have a solid foundation in belly dance. It is specifically tailored for current Belly-Bolly intermediate students or those with more than 2-3 years of recent belly dance experience. This course will be part of Studio J’s annual stage show – join us on stage and live out your dance dreams!

Dates: 11 July – 8 September 2024
Time: Thursday 8.30pm (1 hour class)
Teacher: Raksha Parsnani
Course Fee: $325 + $50 showcase participation
Showcase date: Sunday 8 Sept @ Bunjil Place Theatre

Spots Available: 7



Course summary

  • This course is part of Studio J’s annual stage show. Join us on stage and live out your dance dreams with a crowd cheering you on!!
  • Recap of basic belly dance posture and techniques, including isolations, shimmies, and fluid movements.
  • Intermediate layering techniques.
  • Intricate hip and torso articulations.
  • Complex footwork patterns and directional changes.
  • Fluidity and seamless transitions between movements and maintaining grace and flow.
  • Learning an intermediate level belly-bolly choreography that incorporates the techniques and movements covered in the course.
  • Emphasizing musicality, expression, and performance quality.
  • Practicing and refining the choreography throughout the course.
  • Learn from the best in the industry – a fully qualified belly dancer and choreographer
  • Get weekly practice videos to support your learning outside of class
  • Have access to a private group chat (via WhatsApp), to encourage communication with other students and your teacher
  • Showcase will be on Sunday 8 September at Bunjil Place Theatre, Narre Warren. Dress rehearsal from approx 11am onwards, with performance 6 – 8pm. Students MUST keep this whole day available until exact timings are confirmed.
    *Regular attendance throughout this course is required in order to participate in the final stage performance (at least 75% of the classes, e.g. at least 7 sessions must be attended). If you miss several sessions, participation in showcase will be at the teachers’ discretion. Please consider this commitment prior to enrolling.


Teacher – Raksha Parsnani
Having fallen in love with Shakira’s moves, Raksha started learning and performing in 2006. She trained extensively under teachers from India and across the globe. With teaching & choreographing experience of over 9 years, Raksha has been a master trainer in various belly dance festivals, and helped organise the biggest belly dance festival in India – ‘Arabella’. One of her other notable achievements has been that of providing belly dance training to Bollywood actress, Jacqueline Fernandez. Belly dance has helped Raksha immensely in building confidence over the years and she is passionate about bringing about this difference in people’s lives. She currently teaches Belly-Bolly fusion at Studio J Dance and performs with Finucane and Smith. She also is a part of an elite Bollywood dance crew Sapphire Dance!