In-Studio Courses

**UPDATE: Our casual class timetable has now moved here**
Prices below are for attending IN-STUDIO (1/147 Swan St, Richmond VIC), and reflect the full course fee (click on individual courses for specific dates).
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Time Courses Course Fee Start Date
**UPDATE: Click here for our NEW casual class timetable**
6:00pm Bharatanatyam Beginner Level 1 by Rashan $269 for 8-week course 8 April
7:10pm Bharatanatyam Beginner Level 2 by Rashan $269 for 8-week course 8 April
6.00pm Bolly-HipHop (Beginner) by Samson $269 for 8-week course 2 April
7:10pm Bharatanatyam Advanced (75 minutes) by Govind $320 for 8-week course 9 April
10:00am Bollywood Seniors (Mature Age) by Joshinder $200 for 8-week course 3 April
6:00pm Kathak Technique Beginner by Ida $230 for 8-week course 20 March
7:15pm Bolly-Kathak Beginner by Ida $299 for 9-week course 20 March
7:15pm South Indian Street Intermediate by Sathiya $199 for 6-week course 27 March
8:30pm South Indian Street Beginner by Sathiya $199 for 6-week course 20 March
6:00pm Belly Dance Technique by Raksha $269 for 8-week course 11 April
7:15pm Belly-Bolly Beginner by Raksha $299 for 9-week course 11 April
7:15pm Bhangra Intermediate by Sonya $230 for 8-week course 11 April
8:30pm Bhangra Beginner by Sonya $230 for 8-week course 11 April
1:00pm Bolly-Natyam (Intermediate) by Jaya $269 for 7-week course 20 April
3:30pm Bolly-Afro (Beginner) by Samson $269 for 9-week course 6 April
11:00am Bharatanatyam Intermediate by Divya $269 for 10-week course 14 April
12:10pm Bolly-Duet (Beginner) by Sonya $400 for 8-week course 14 April
1:15pm Bollywood Beginner by Sonya $269 for 8-week course 14 April


Our #1 priority at Studio J is to teach Indian dance – properly. Which means standing by our teachers & classes 100%, no matter what. If you complete a full course, without missing any studio classes, and find that you’re unable to learn the dance routine or unsatisfied for any reason, then we will issue a full refund. Just reach out to us. We’re here for our dance family. Dance. Guaranteed.


Sign up for multiple full courses currently listed under our ‘In-Studio Courses’ timetable above, and the following bulk discounts will apply automatically at checkout:
Full price for 1st course, 10% off the 2nd course, 25% off⁠ both the 3rd & 4th course!*
*No discounts apply for casual class, concept videos, masterclasses & online courses
Multiple course registrations must be completed in the same transaction (i.e. if you sign up for another course later, discount does not apply).


Numbers are very limited in our in-studio courses, and therefore no refunds or credits can be issued for cancelling your in-studio enrollment at any time, sorry 🙁 This includes change of mind, illness, pregnancy, pandemics, missed classes or drop-outs. However, if you complete the full course without missing any in-studio sessions, and are not satisfied for any reason, then a refund will be issued.

In the rare event that your teacher is unable to take a class (e.g illness) then a guest teacher will be arranged or the class may be rescheduled or cancelled. For any cancelled classes or courses by Studio J, a full refund will be given for the class/es affected.


There are no refunds or credits for missed classes or absences. We encourage you to complete all sessions of your course as they are designed to progress week after week. However, we understand life happens, so we have mini recordings of your class, practice videos and group chats in place to make it easier for you to stay on track and get the most out of your course.

For our courses which end with a video shoot, we do require students to have attended at least 75% of the classes (6 out of 8 weeks) within the course to ensure that they have kept up with choreography and blocking. If a student misses more than 2 classes, they are expected to catch up via the class recordings and the teacher may also review suitability for participation in the group video.


You must be over 18 years of age to participate in all our in-studio courses. For those aged 16-17, enrollments will be considered upon request.


Our teachers and some students occasionally take photos and videos during class, plus our courses finish with a professionally edited dance video. We may use any of this footage on our website, social media, and promotional material. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, then please let your teacher know at the start of the course and make sure you opt out of any photos or video filming during class. If you don’t tell us, we won’t know that you’re not ok with us using footage of you.


Not all exercises are suitable for everyone, and dance like any other exercise program can result in injury. Certain special cautions may apply to individuals who are pregnant, injured, disabled, or have special issues regarding health and/or physical condition. You must be in suitable physical health to undertake these classes. You understand the risks inherent to dance and fully assume those risks and/or have sought medical advice prior to starting class. You hereby release Studio J Dance and its teachers from liability for injuries sustained while participating in any dance classes, rehearsals or workshops.


We encourage you to look after yourself. You acknowledge and understand the nature of the activities you will be engaged in and the possibility that an injury or accident may occur. You agree that you are responsible for looking after your body and working within its possible limitations.

If you are pregnant or have a pre-existing condition, you should seek advice and clearance from a medical practitioner before enrolling. Please let us know at the start of the course, or as soon as you know and make sure you have your medical practitioner’s clearance to exercise. We cannot offer medical advice.

Studio J is not in any way responsible for exacerbation of injuries, accidents, or injuries resulting from participation in a Studio J class. If you are working with an injury please let your teacher know but note that you are solely responsible for looking after yourself whilst moving by modifying movements, resting if you need to or opting out of certain moves or classes altogether.


Safeguarding your privacy is important to us and our policy adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Providing personal information is an act of trust and we take it seriously. Unless you give us consent to do otherwise, we will only collect and use personal information as set out below.

The only personal information we collect is what you provide voluntarily. We may also collect and store correspondence for sales, accounting and service purposes.

Personal information will be used to fulfil the obligations of your purchase and to provide you with quality customer service. Note that we do not store credit card details as payments are processed via third party payment portals.

We may contact you using the information you have given us to provide information that may be of interest to you, new courses, special offers, and to send newsletters. You can let us know at any time if you do not wish to be provided with information from us, either by emailing or unsubscribing from our newsletters.