Bollywood seniors can overcome anything

“I have no doubt that Josh, Jaya and Studio J are my healing source. I absolutely know I would not be where I am without you all.”

Two of our wonderful Senior students had surgery recently. Both have recovered remarkably well. Both commented that one of the main reasons for their fantastic recovery was their Bollywood dance class.

“I am doing more than fine, and it is all because of my Bollywood dance experience. The physio was astounded at how good I was with the exercises. It is all because of my arms, that are in such extraordinary state, all due to the Bollywood dancing. The nurses could not believe that I was walking down the corridor, the day after my surgery. Bollywood seniors can overcome anything.” Jenny Goldsmith

“Bollywood absolutely makes a difference. I did the dance class on Friday with minimal moderation, only four and a half weeks since my hip replacement. I couldn’t do aqua aerobics or go to the gym prior to my surgery but the generosity of Studio J, Jaya and Josh meant that I had a level of fitness that really made a difference as it did for Jenny. Thank you so much.” Ann Taylor

In Jenny’s words, no matter what challenges lay ahead, just keep dancing!

Watch our Bollywood Seniors in action!

Interviewed by Joshinder Chaggar
21 October 2021