Believe It

“You have to believe it before you see it”

Well before there was a business plan (there still isn’t), I had a vague idea of what Studio J might be. Melbourne has no shortage of talent, so I knew something amazing would have to happen if we all came together, and shared our creativity with others.

It’s been 3 years of trial and error. Of taking risks – some which paid off, others which failed. I had to learn when to let go, but also when to fight and hold on. And slowly but surely, Studio J has become a creative powerhouse, a thriving dance community, headed by an incredible team of teachers that is any studio owners dream.

To say that 2019 has been a massive year is a bit of an understatement. We processed over 700 enrolments, produced 80 dance videos, staged a sold out showcase, and performed across Australia and overseas. Everything is done completely in-house, including filming, editing, marketing, website, payroll, admin, and student communication – with only one full-timer (me) and a part-timer (Josh). And we love it!!

Here are some of my personal highlights from the year that’s been:

  • Winery tripping (no pun intended) with our teachers, to the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula in early January. Memory of this day is a little blurry – but a definite highlight yes!
  • Visiting Karachi, Pakistan, to present our stage show ‘Devi’.
  • Getting on board some brilliant new teachers – Imdad, Pragya, Rashan and Laki!
  • Every Wednesday night!! Teaching my Bolly-Natyam students followed by rehearsals for our events company Sapphire Dance!
  • Performing some of our signature dance styles in Darwin; Bolly-Kathak, Bolly-Natyam, Bolly-HipHop and Bolly-Bhangra!
  • A sold out Bollywood 50 Plus course! So awesome seeing seniors rock those thumkas!
  • Performing in Guam for an exclusive Diwali event! Fun fact: first time ever that Bharatanatyam was performed in Guam! An absolute privilege that was!
  • Seeing our students perform at our sold out showcase!!

The year’s not over yet and we’re creating a highlight this very moment by performing at Woodford Folk Festival.
Here’s to making EVERY day the chance to create a new highlight…cos LIFE’s not over yet. #cheerstothat

Jaya Karan
29 December 2019