School Programs

School Programs & Incursions

Our school incursions are creative and fun, whilst taking students through an educational journey about world dance styles. We offer an extraordinarily diverse range of styles. Choose from Bollywood, classical or folk Indian dances, Hiphop, Bellydance, Kpop and more!

Our teachers are highly experienced and are experts in their specific genre. They are approachable and friendly, and can easily engage and delight students of all ages.

Studio J’s programs are tailored to your schools specific needs. We can provide a short 50 minute session or a more comprehensive program with regular sessions over several weeks.

The incursion generally involves the following course structure. We are are flexible in our approach and can tailor the individual program depending on your schools requirements:

Introduction and origins of the specific style
Performance/demonstrartion by professional dancer/s
Interactive dance lesson
Finale dance performance by all participants

For further information for your next incursion, event or performance needs, please email or call Jaya on 0431 757 828.

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