Tut n Vogue


You know those Ancient Eyptian paintings, where every subject is posed regally, throwing sharp angles and shapes? Early developers of the ‘tutting’ style were inspired by these positions, and decided to name it after one of the most famous historical Egyptian figures, King Tut himself!
Tutting is prevalent in the electronic and funk scenes, and focuses on creating interesting geometric shapes, whether it be with smaller parts of the body such as fingers and hands, to more experimental larger tutting with shoulders, arms and legs. This class will focus on learning and perfecting basic isolation, illusions and adapting the tutting style to several music genres.

Voguing stems from fashion, catwalks and fabulosity. Influenced at its most basic level by models on a runway, vogue tumbled out of the queer and coloured scene of New York in the 1980’s. Voguing competitions were a frequent occurrence, held in clubs better known as ‘ballrooms’ The three main styles of Vogue comprise of ‘Old way’, ‘New way’ and ‘Vogue Femme’. New way tends to have more of a blend of tutting as well as increased flexiblity and illusions, some of which blend tutting and voguing styles together. Vogue Femme; as the name suggests, involves hyper femininity and a ton of sass (as if vogue couldn’t get any more sassy). The Vogue class will approach all three styles and cover all voguing basics as well as two ‘Runway’ vogue-offs.

Tut n Vogue is taught by Shamita Sivabalan. Class will run based on demand, so please register your interest via email.

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