Kathak Semi-Classical



Kathak is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘katha’ (the story) and ‘kathakar’ (the story-teller). Kathak dance, a centuries old tradition of story-telling, is one of the most comprehensive and expressive languages in the world.

In this 8 week term-by-term setting, teaching will be tailored to the needs and level of individual students. Depending on their previous experiences in dance, training can be refined. Through continuous learning, students will be:

Exploring the movements and stillness in Kathak while understanding the sensitivity behind each movement.

Learning rhythmic patterns and practice vocalisation.

Exploring emotional expressivity through a range of moods or ‘Navrasas’, reflecting the complete essence of life.

Exploring all aspects of Kathak including intense footwork, body postures and pirouettes.

Bolly Kathak

Inspired by the beautiful dancing of Bollywood stars like Madhuri Dixit, Rekha and Aishwarya Rai, our Bolly Kathak courses offer a stylish, feminine, and intricate dance style. The class introduces students to the fundamentals of Kathak movement through graceful and energetic choreography set to Bollywood music. What to expect:

Fundamentals of Kathak classical dance including warm up Kathak exercises.

Bollywood and Kathak dance technique, including rhythmic footwork, intricate hand gestures, posture and alignment.

Great music from both recent and classic Bollywood cinema.

Kathak Pure Classical (Beginner) is taught by Sanchita on Wednesdays 7pm (90-minute class).

Bolly Kathak is taught by Ida Ghatge on Saturdays 1pm (open level).

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