This humble folk dance has come a long way from being a festive farming tradition. Originally performed during harvesting season in Punjab, Bhangra can now be seen performed all around the world. This joyful dance has become a regular part of wedding festivities, birthdays and celebrations. Read more about how Bhangra evolved in our blog ‘The Bhangra Evolution’.

At Studio J, we have traditional Bhangra classes, as well as a fusion of Bhangra- HipHop. Both options are high energy, loads of fun, and an intensive dance workout.

Our ‘Bhangra’ course builds upon traditional Bhangra technique so that you learn a full routine, using the latest Bhangra music. Each week, participants have the opportunity to learn a more in-depth Bhangra inspired choreography. If you love Bhangra music and you’re looking for a unique way to keep fit, then our Bhangra classes are perfect!

Our ‘Bhangra-Hiphop’ course is exactly that – the perfect combination of our favourite dance styles – Bhangra and Hip-Hop! Get the best of both worlds with this energetic and versatile course. You will learn a fusion of Bhangra and Hip-Hop whilst getting a great workout. A super fun class with a whole lot of Bhangra swag!

Bhangra is taught by Priyanka Sharma Singh, Tuesdays 7pm.
Bhangra-HipHop is taught by Priyanka Sharma Singh, Wednesdays 6pm

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