An interview with Parvyn Kaur Singh

By Jaya On October 8th, 2017

In the first of our “Get To Know Our Teachers” series, we interview the multi-talented Parvyn. An accomplished singer and dancer, Parvyn has a thriving career in multiple projects including fronting the cult band The Bombay Royale.

The Bhangra Evolution

By Jaya On July 21st, 2017

Ever listened to Bhangra music? It’s a challenge to keep yourself still. The infectious rhythm of the dhol is hard to resist, crossing all cultures, ages and backgrounds.

Am I the worst in class?

By Jaya On April 13th, 2017

When I opened Studio J a few months ago, I expected the usual questions from new students – what to wear, how much does it cost, how to enrol etc. But instead, what I heard the most was “I’ve never danced before, is your class ok for absolute beginners?” And behind that question

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What Excuse for Happiness?

By Jaya On February 7th, 2017

Why do we make excuses for not pursuing something we love? Or let go of a childhood passion? Some of these reasons are usually: •  I don’t have time •  I’m not good enough •  I feel guilty spending time/money on myself (usually parents) •  I’m too old

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