Bharatanatyam classes offer adults with previous Bharatanatyam experience a way to progress their learning in an innovative weekly 8-week term-by-term setting. Teaching is tailored to the needs and level of the individual student, and innovative teaching methods are employed (such as in class experimentation, working lab session in class with a musician once a term etc) to grow the students’ affection and depth of connectivity with the art.

Students will learn interesting phrases, movement patterns, items, gain deeper theoretical knowledge and explore interesting and innovative extensions to the Bharatanatyam style. The classes cater for varying levels of prior Bharatanatyam training, and learning is tailored to the individual interests and experience of the student.

Through consecutive lessons and terms, students will further their learning/understanding and affection for Bharatanatyam through :

1. expanding their repertoire and movement vocabulary through learning an interesting range of new items (both traditional, as well as more modern classical choreographies by newer choreographers) in the classical Bharatanatyam style

2. develop a deeper practical and theoretical understanding of the intricacies of the art – e.g. a deeper appreciation of rhythmic constructs and their interplay with the body

3. continued nuancing of the nine emotional states of classical Indian dance and conveying those emotional states through body posture, facial expression, eye/glance technique and breath control;

4. refine and further develop a vocabulary of static poses and postures inspired by both yoga and classical Indian dance traditions from ancient India

5. more comprehensively understand the interplay between carnatic music and Bharatantyam through in-class experimentation and “dance and play” sessions with guest musicians that will help solidify learning and inspire in an innovative workshop/non-performance way.

Bharatanatyam is a 90 minute class, taught by Govind Pillai, Mondays 7pm.

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